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I NEEEEEEED Minecraft.

These broke struggles are real for me, I need Minecraft so bad.

And it suuuucks!

Well guys..

We did it, everyone did it. Mark got to 2 million subscribers. It makes me happy to see someone doing what he loves expand bigger so people can watch his videos and find happiness or silliness-or something. Markiplier is one of my favorite YouTubers, it makes me extremely proud to admit that I am a Markiplite. Mark does so much for everyone, and we help him too. But he raises money for charity, he makes me and I’m sure a million more people happy and he saves them from something. It sounds stupid, but it isn’t. Finding something to believe in or save you from daily life is an amazing thing and people found Mark. I found Mark and several other YouTubers that help me. Because for 20 minutes out of a day watching Mark’s videos or even 5 minutes; cheers me up and takes me away from reality. I’m in my own world, and I’m not sure if other people are like that. But I feel really happy that he reached two million, I am rambling but oh well. You guys are absolutely amazing fans to him as am I and I may not know him personally but I know that he appreciates it. So..WOO for us and WOO HOO for Mark.

I think they will try to give Stiles the bite and something happens, not like he becomes a werewolf and not where he dies. It actually breaks my heart to say that Stiles could die. But what if neither happened and something more epic happened? Also, the nogistune could possibly go into Isaac since he is technically dying. Or the death on the show could be Isaac.

The death varies from many factors going on.
Isaac; he is dying
Stiles; they could give him the bite and he could potentially die.
Deaton; he is messing with some deadly people.

I mean this just my opinion and what I think will happen.

Holy shot, it is Carol. Jesus help me.

Someone who is caught up on Teen Wolf, help!

So Netflix took down Teen Wolf, I can’t catch up on what’s happening. I’ve already seen spoilers so I just want to know what’s happening from when Peter came back the first time til now. I’d like to know in great detail. Can someone message me and tell me what is going on? Please!

Check it out
Check it out
Just a little Blink. <3
I want to do my hair like this, <3